Professional Staff

Manager and Maitre'd

Michael Triassi

Director of Sales and Restaurant Operations, Le Jeune Chef

Neal Palmer

Maitre d' Hotel

Amy Johle

Maitre d' Hotel

Blake Lambert

Guest Services Specialist

Culinary and Food Production Experts

Stephen Manle

Executive Chef, Hospitality

Terri Far

Pastry Chef

Kassandra Sellinge

Line Cook

Victoria Zablocky

Line Cook

Service and Support Experts

Holly Campbell

Kitchen Steward/Victorian House Housekeeper

Debra White

FD Hospitality Storeroom Attendant

Susan Updegraff

Hospitality Storeroom Attendant

Stacy Englert

Le Jeune Chef/Catering Account Assistant

Susan Shannon

Waitstaff/Captain, Le Jeune Chef Hospitality

Wanda Miller

Waitstaff/Captain, Le Jeune Chef Hospitality

Ashli Nau

Waitstaff, Le Jeune Chef Hospitality